Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 8 July 8 Arrived at Salt Lake City

From Grand Junction CO to SLC UT is some ride!

The first bit is badlands. Then, there is more of that, with exits that say "no services". No gas, no place to pee, nothing. I had gassed up so no worries on my bike which is made for long rides and has a 500 km range.

I gassed again in Price UT, just to be sure I had more than more than enough. More than. Gas is almost as precious as peace of mind.

Right after, the highway is declared to be a Scenic Byway. Sure was, Something old Western movies would use as scenery. And twisty. Mile after mile of twisties. Beautiful and great riding but my right wrist is still sore. But, I loved it.

So, where is the movie? I started the GoPro and thought I let it run. Got 10 minutes of video not worth watching. Battery dieded? Don't know.

Eventually I got to Provo. From there, it is industrial development on both sides of a highway like the 401. And then, exit, a few turns and I arrived at the motel.

Tomorrow, to the rally site and setting up my tent.


  1. We don't get there until Wednesday afternoon. And we are in an off-site RV park.

  2. Salt Lake City, you are bringing back memories for me. Enjoy the rally and the meet up with Richard.

  3. You are there early enough to get oriented and take a break, that is good. Sounds like a long ride so far and a break will be welcome for you.

  4. Looking forward to rally photos, including your campsite.