Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 4 - July 4 York NE to Brush CO

It was a long and hot ride today. I was on the road at 8am and rode until about 2:30. Really that waa 3:30 as I passed into Mountain Time. Mr Garmin detected that and told Mr BMW to adjust his clock, which I saw happen. 12:00 became 11:00. Maybe the 00's were some other numbers but it was around then. Was looking forward to lunch in a cool place by then.

Colorado at first looked like Nebraska, naturally, but became a little more rolling hills ranch land in appearance. I was started to fade in the heat, Brush CO exit said there were hotels and restaurants. The signs did not actually lie. I am in a Microtel hotel, a bit expensive for what you get, and the restaurants are closed for the July 4 holiday, both of them. McD's was open though.

No wifi. Went through a difficult time getting the staff to reboot routers and me trying to log in again and again. I gave up. If I publish this today, it will all be to McD's credit and their network. Else, tomorrow. Was going to post some previously taken pics, but that will have to wait for a good wifi connection in the near future.

So, let's try publishing.

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