Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 3 - Des Moins to York, Nebraska

Route Today

Straight run along I-80 from Des Moines to York, Nebraska. I stopped at some rest stops. The ones in Iowa were large, but no tourist advisors. In Nebraska, they had no place to sit down, as in Iowa, but did have a person to give travel advice. Restrooms were equally immaculate.

York, Nebraska

Major intersection on I-80 with many hotels north and south of the intersection. I found the Motel 6 to be quite adequate.

Fellow at the front desk said the hotel was recently renovated, had been a number of different names in the past. Once was hit by a tornado, but they never hit twice, right?

Route Tomorrow

Going to go south to US 36. Not an interstate highway. I have been told these older highways are the way to see the US. It may be a bit slower, but we shall see. I hope to end up just east of Denver tomorrow by about 2pm. Hopefully, this will avoid the late afternoon thunderstorms that can occur. JB is advising me on the weather. Skype lets us talk every day. His help is appreciated.

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