Sunday, July 2, 2017

Day 2 - July 2 Madison to Des Moins

Finishing Day 1

So, about those videos...

 OK, I talked Richard M's advice  and loaded up some videos to YouTube. That required me to download the Capture app for my new iPad 10.5.  All of that was another learning curve. 

Day 2

The ride from Madison on Highway 151 was extremely nice. There was a lot of farmland and some spectacular Cubs through rock. Eventually, the GPS took me on to Highway one down to I – 80. I Dash 80 was a bit of a slog over to Des Moins where I took a motel.

Had a very nice steak dinner, reorganized my pack again, did some laundry, created this post, and I think that's about all I really want to do for this day.


  1. The first and third video look to be the same...

  2. And I didn't realize you were editing videos on an iPad. Touch may be more intuitive but not necessarily easier.

  3. Glad to see the weather is co-operating with you, Ed. Hope Mother Nature continues to bless you with sunny skies. All the best from Donna and Sel.