Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 17 - July 17 Internet Access is Back!

People arrived in force last Wednesday and completely overwhelmed the WiFi nets provided by both the Fairpark and MOA. My Chairman had a private T-Mbile hotspot and it too was not reliable or fast. As a result, I have do catch up. which may take some days to get done.

I left the Utah State Fairpark Sunday Morning at 8 am an proceeded to Boise. I was prepared to stop earlier but there was no room at the inn (actually, no inns to speak of in that considerable distance, almost 600 miles). Could not have done it without the water-soaked evaporative vest. I did not pass a rest stop the whole way, unless it was just before or after a gas/meal stop. Even so, it was over 32 C the whole way. On arrival in Boise, I found a Motel 6, a restaurant I could walk to, and got to bed early. Slept better than I had in weeks, was likely exhausted.

Left there later than planned, 8 am this morning. The day started cool, but noon saw me soaking the vest with water. By the time I got to The Dalles, OR I was through. Got a lovely room at the Shilo Inns for less than a shop-worn Comfort Inn. Restaurant attached and guess where I will eat later?

Off to Anacortes WA tomorrow to sleep over and catch the ferry to Sydney, BC near Victoria.


This may continue tomorrow.

I am going to publish this, don"t know what you will see of videos, may have to further edit.
"Motels dont offer high bandwith....

Now 7 PM, can't see my own videos, poor internet. will post a few pics and go to bed. Will have to await better wifi before I can polish this post.

No joy. Later.


  1. Should be cooler for you the closer you get to Anacortes and up into Vancouver Island.

  2. Coming back through BC? A lot of fires and road closures to worry about that route. I think I've been to the Motel 6 in Boise :0)

  3. Couldn't see the pics or video you posted, simply says; "An error has occurred, please try again later." Be careful going through BC. Lots of forest fires in that province and lots of roads closed. Your travels may be tiring, but I bet it's something you would do all over again, right? And, by the way, I still envy you this great trip...wish Sel and I could do something like that! Will continue to follow your blog...and to envy you!!! Just be careful and enjoy! Sel and Donna