Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 12 - July 12 More Hot Days at the Rally Edit 1

Last night was a pleasantly cool night. I used a sleeping bag liner without the sleeping bag for the first time. Very pleasant.

I added a flag to the tent so my fellow Canadians can say hello if they pass by.

These folks (to the right of my tent) arrived yesterday. Seem to be all part of a big group.

I suspect the field will be filling up today and especially tomorrow.

By afternoon, temperature was 34 C. Skipped breakfast and felt poorly until I had something to eat. Will not do that again. Too hot and too high up. I did drink a lot of water and that is wise. Volunteers get lots of free bottles of water, fortunately.

Edit 1:

My alarm went off, as planned, at 5:30 am this morning. It was in the tent pocket right beside me. I opened the cover and swiped to unlock. I could not swipe to stop the alarm because of advertisements! So I tried to power off. Nope. Those ads again. Eventually, the alarm timed out. After a run to the washroom to clean up, I found the setting to prevent advertisement personalization and now have a useful phone back. It was infuriating and I apologized to my neighbors. But, none of them heard it, they said.


  1. It is hot here. We just arrived this afternoon but we are not camped at the site. Send me an email: richard at machida dot us.

  2. Have fun at the rally ... hot, what's that🤒

  3. Looks like you found a good spot to set up your tent. Let the games begin.

  4. Good for you, well done. When you get to Duncan give me a call and we can go for a coffee.