Sunday, July 2, 2017

Day 1 - July 1st Toronto to Madison WI

This is the 3rd time I have done this leg. I'm writing this on the Lake Express catamaran to Milwaukee. Left at 5am, arrived 600+ Km later at about 1:30. Searched for a gas station, had to backtrack, but still arrived first in line for boarding the ferry. Lake Michigan is like glass tonight  waves less than 1 foot, I was told. I paid a bit more for the Premier cabin, as it is quieter. Oh, wait, is it quiet because I am not wearing my hearing aids? LOL

Have taken some photos and should add them. The movies will require a bit of editing...else they look amatureish. David Masse has set a certain standard for us bloggers now has he not? Must not let our side down , right?  Well, I am going lo w tech, using iMovie. Not ruling out the $700 video editing route, but I find the learning curve to be just too much. The people who write the help pages for all of these programs need a serious kick in the ass, IMHO.  I was standing at the rail of the ferry taking a movie. I thought I stopped recording, but no, I added the usual pan down to my feet. That needed to be excised. It took way too long to find out how. These help guys don't provide strategies.

My strategy is to split the movie I took, keep the good bit and delete the split-off crap. Fast. Easy. Not presented as a strategy. These fools don't relate to you and me and should be confined to the waste heap. That strategy works for most short clips, or put another way, amounts to about 90% of what most people will take as videos.

Because my other passion is phography, I do have a sense of taking a relatively short clip. There may be some start and end stuff to delete but if you get the clip mostly right, a simple edit cleans it up and you can add it into the movie. Where do the help writers tell newbies that? When David reads this he will say "programmers do this stuff all the time". Yes, and I can't not.

Back to the non-rant stuff now. Sorry.

And, movies!

Oh, I thought the cloud ate my edits done on the ferry with a slow " fast internet " but I was wrong. 

Now, to add those movies. Can't do it. Un-intuitive,  not a hint as to what to do, just crap. Will publish this and add stuff later. Terrible.


  1. I think that what breaks most videos is poor audio. Not just the obvious stuff like wind noise or other background clutter but not talking into the microphone. Nothing to apologize about iMovie. It works well, has plenty of features and is relatively straightforward compared to software such as Premier or Final Cut.

    Not sure if you're doing this but upload your movies to YouTube for your blog. The Blogger video upload is really outdated and limiting.

    Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks.

  2. Glad to hear you are on the road. Kudos to the guys and gals that can do video editing, it is out of my realm as well.

    1. Like anything else, it's way more difficult until you get some practice time in. Us lazy folks who only do it once in a while suffer self-inflicted re-learning.

  3. Something else that needs improvement, or to be shit-canned is the Track My Tour. Fussy, cluttered, popups, slow,....

    1. Found a problem today. The waypoint sequence got out of control and I could not fix it. No way to delete a waypoint. You can re-order by alphabetical order, but even that did not work. really quite awful.