Monday, July 3, 2017

An Appology

I have run out of patience and time. Sorry if the last post was not up to acceptable standards. I don't know if it is slow internet, the Blogger PC app, or the Blogger iPad app that is giving me problems, but I can't seem to set a post with placeholders on the PC, then add photos from the iPad into the desired place. On a trip, one does not have unlimited time to fight with apps!

I apologize for the bad post, and will tell the story behind the wine bottle when the adrenaline wears off and I can avoid swearing.


  1. Good luck with the apps. I never find it very easy to post while on the road. Hope you are still having a great ride.

  2. I've found the iOS blogger apps to be worthless to initially write a post. The don't handle photos very well and mobile Safari doesn't have access to the photo library. There use to be a decent iPad app but the developer pulled it from the App Store as he/she didn't want to continue maintaining it. I've tried about half a dozen. These days, I create the initial post w/photos using my MacBook Pro (or MacBook) tethered to my phone or iPad. One is AT&T and the other Verizon. I can then use the BlogTouch Pro app to edit text. It won't mess with the photo formatting as long as you don't tap on a picture.

    I keep trying to do everything with an iPad but keep running into things that are trivial on a laptop but a pain on the tablet.

  3. Ed, your posts about posting on an iPad are making me anxious. I had intended to downsize my electronics this trip and take only an iPad. I've been experimenting. Logging in through Google Chrome seemed to work seamlessly tonight, though it took a bit to sync photos with the cloud. I may just take the old Dell with me ... there's no pleasure in frustration while on vacation. Good luck. If you've got tips, send them my way.