Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trip to SLC Rally - Day (-2)

Trip Prep

Trip prep is about choosing what to take, deciding where to put it, and trying that out. Likely, a few tries is required. This time, I am relying on some tips from a writer of a column "Mileage Slaves" in the MOA member's magazine Owners News. His advice on pillion seat bag selection and the use of plastic boxes in the side cases was dead on.

This is the20th day of rain in June. Sure hope the day after tomorrow is fine riding weather.

So, you can see bike loading is progressing. What is that other stuff?


Tomorrow, the oak dining room set will be gone. The Habitat for Humanity folks will pick up from the garage, but not the house.

I stared rolling, banding, and bagging clothes. Above is "dress" stuff plus a workout pants that are used in mornings when I head for the showers.

These plastic bags fit the liners for the side bags almost perfectly. Gives them shape and aids putting them in lockable side cases.

I put two case tops in first, then two nested boxes. If I need to I can stack them or separate them for storage in the tent.

The idea was to have three identical sets of clothes. One to wear and one each in each side case. So, wear, wash/dry

Some items can be un-banded and laid flat.

There is still some room at the top.

My November heart attack caused me to have to take more than the usual number of drugs. And, I need a 6 week supply. Customs requires original packaging. This takes room.

I wear a sort of pedal bike pair of shorts. This way, I can take off the Motoport jeans in public to put on or remove the rain liner.

\I found this small bag at a dollar store. Will get another.

Fits nicely between the plastic box and the end of the liner.

The space will get filled...

This is a custom made sleeve for an iPad pro 10.5. I did not like the offerings at the Apple Store, had some material, asked a seamstress to make the sleeve. $20.

More to come tomorrow.