Sunday, May 21, 2017

Finally, 1st Ride this Season

Saturday, 20 May, I went for a short ride - the first of the season, the latest first ride since 2000!

The Day

was a cool 10.5 C, clear blue sky, bright sunlight. The route was up to the GO Transit station for some slow speed turns and basic re-familiarity with the bike, followed by a west then east pass along Sideroad 15. I have previously posted video of that route. It has great twisties, which I rode in a conservative fashion, mindful of quite a long time since my last ride.

The Suit

My basic clothing was a long sleeved Dri-Fit T shirt and standard walking shorts. 

The Motorport jean pants are not designed to be overpants the way my Aerostich pants are. The liner was secured at the ankles by sturdy loops and straps and snaps. The liner also has elastic at the ankle while the pant legs have long zippers to make it easier to put on boots, which have a high back. I say easier because it's all a tight fit and a bit tricky. Practice should make this a bit easier. Probably a bit more difficult than the Stich, but still OK. The liner zips to the jacket at the waist. 

The jacket liner was similarly installed. Putting it on, I felt it was a bit bulky, similar to the Stitch. It was to become better fitting during the ride as the armor shaped itself to my body, as claimed, and I did find the fit at the shoulders was considerably more comfortable than the Stich ever was. I did not fit my electric liner as I just did not want the extra complication on the first ride.

Suit Impressions

The temperature was lower than I would normally ride it and I expected the mesh suit to be fairly cold. With the liners, it was indeed cool but not cold and shiver inducing. Quite comfortable. 

The mesh pants are well protected by the RT's lower fairing and the liners are indeed windproof. 

The mesh jacket (it does not look like mesh at all, but may be better described as micro perforated. You would not look at it and say it was a mesh jacket, for instance). 

While riding at about 80 kmph, I could tell air was passing through the jacket and not the liner. But, the air exiting out the rear of the jacket did cool the liner and I could feel that on my lower back. Not intrusive and it would have been fine on a longer ride even in the cool temperature. The liners are said to be quite breathable and I did not feel I was perspiring as I would with a "plastic" liner. 

The arm length was perfect, as it should have been given the multiple measurements Motoport requires on ordering. Same with jacket length at the back, also a custom fit.

Overall, I am very pleased. It was a short ride, solo and slow, but all in all a nice ride. Alas, family duties next week are going to make it unlikely to do much riding in the next five days. Miserable cold rain today might yield to to better weather in a few days and I may be able to sneak in more riding. Maybe. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Motoport Suit Photos

I was able to take a few photos of the new suit:

Arms too short for a good selfie!

Front View

A view of the snap strap and the loop that holds lthe liner in place.

A view of the jacket liner and flap that makes the zipper waterproof.

Back of jacket showing the elastic 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Motoport Suit Has arrived - First Impressions

Back in 2012, I bought an Aerostitch suit and have worn it for two trips to the West coast and one the the East coast from the Toronto area. I bought it because it was waterproof and did not need liners. It has been great, but feels a bit like a suit one would wear on a snowmobile. It fits over jeans but is not too bulky otherwise.

I came home from a trip to Ottawa to find the Motoport suit had arrived. The neighbors had kindly took delivery. No duties and taxes - I am told a letter will arrive! Overall, the box seems to weigh about half of the 14 pound weight of the Stich, including a pair of jeans I sent down for sizing. That is very welcome.

It's mid May and I am yet to ride.

So, I am sitting here in the Man Cave, watching the 65 inch TV with the Motoport jeans on. Liners installed. So, this is equivalent to the Stich, fully wind and rain proof. Without the liner, the Motorport suit is a mesh suit. Does not seem to be mesh like my ancient Joe Rocket mesh jacket, it is a textile product advertised as superior to leather.I believe it! The armor has seemed to mold to my legs as advertised, I am yet to ride with this suit.

The liner has two loops and snap closures at the bottom of each leg which fit into loops in the bottom of the outer garment. At the waist, the liner and outer garment zip together.. So, this makes this configuration of the suit like the Stich. Without a pair of jeans under the suit, it is less bulky.

Sitting down

Well, we need to, sometimes.

The outer suit has a zipper fly, as normal. The liner has a similar zipper. It is hidden behind a velco flap that ensure water proof closure. When both are released, the pants can be lowered. Since the knee armour extends from knee to ankle, getting clear of the seat is just possible. 

And, zipping up takes a while.


Really, the jeans plus liner would be comfortable, as advertised, in cool weather, to walk around with all day. Instead of underwear, I plan to use cycle shorts or equivalent so I can take off the pants and remove the liner if I need to. Overall, I feel this combo is a bit more comfortable than the Stitch.

Remember, this is a mesh suit, so without the liner, it will not be windproof as the stitch was. I will report on this difference later.

Jacket Liner

The jacket liner zips in like the pants liner.  If you put it on and add the jacket it is easy to zip the left side to the jacket and then zip the right side. There are snap straps in both arms to attach to the bottom of the arms. Another at the back of the neck and two at the waist of the jacket. With these all fastened, the jacket and liner are integrated. Does take a bit of time, especially the first time.

This is a well thought out system.

I think the weather is still cool enough to support riding with both liners in place. Advertised as comfortable up to 80F which is in the future.

The weather tomorrow is forecasted to be good riding so I am looking forward to a nice ride.