Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rehabilitation Proceeding to Springtime

It's past due for an update post. In short, all is going well.

After a nice "take it easy" period, I started a formal rehab program. Basically a lot of walking, some gym machine workouts, trying to improve diet (with Dianne's help, of course).

I'm up to a 2 mile walk pretty near every day. And, there is a time limit of about 35 minutes. I've always been a slow walker. It has to do with narrow hips and rather tight leg muscles. I've been trying to walk faster, with longer strides and it seems to be working.

The city replaced our old community centre with a small gym with a much larger one with a quite respectable gym well equipped with a walking track and top drawer machines. Membership comes with an initial exercise program that I try to do on alternate visits. Still, the track is what gets the most use. Since the weather is still cold at -3 C these days, an indoor walking track is really appreciated.

With all this, I'm down about 12 pounds and a bit slimmer as a result. Almost time to order my new riding suit  Planning my route actively now to attend the BMW MOA rally in Salt Lake City in July. Then, off to Vancouver Island and back home across Canada. It should be a fine summer.

The highlight of the trip west will be the ride through Colorado and Utah. In plotting my route, I was surprised to see the ride through Colorado might be only about 8 hours or so. I will certainly be prepared to take an extra day if I fall in love with a spot in the mountains.

On the home front, Spring comes next week and I am sure there will be outside stuff that needs doing. Nothing like the hard work of last year where all the deck boards needed replacement. Really glad I got all that done then as I am prohibited from doing that punishing work this year.

More to come as the planning proceeds.


  1. Two miles in 35 minutes is a pretty good walking pace. Looking forward to meeting you in SLC.

    1. Richard, I will also be glad to meet you at SLC. I have volunteered to be the co-chair of the group that makes signs. I suggest you ask any chair or co-chair where our booth / office is located and try to find me there. I will be sure to have my cell phone number available to you.

      Thanks for letting me know you will be there. I hope we can meet. Last year at Das Rally, I met a number of folks I wanted to meet, but failed to meet up with others. There are a lot of folks there!

  2. Glad to hear things are progressing well. The weight loss is a nice side effect of all that exercise.

    I am sure you will be raring to go by the time your trip comes around.

    1. Thank you. I am sure all will be well by the end of June. If possible I will make a point to swing by Corvalis on my way up to Vancouver Island. If you folks are available, I would like to say hello in person.

  3. Good for you Ed! I have a treadmill and was initially walking but then foolishly pushed to running and overdoing. Lost 10 pounds but gained an overuse injury in my heel, so now I'm resting until its better and then going to start walking only.

  4. It's easy to overdo exercise, as you have found out. The rehab folks keep an eye on us and we have to fill out a log entry with distance, time, resting heart rate, average HR during exercise, and note any aches and pains.

    They set both a distance and time target, which helps avoid injury.

    Hope you recover and that your progress reflects in greater riding comfort.

    Might actually get riding next week, but do see some snow in the forecast...