Thursday, December 1, 2016

An Early Titanium Christmas

Last Friday morning, I went out to the garage to fetch the Christmas Tree that I promised Dianne I would set up. I carried the big bag with the tree in it up the outside stairs and into the Family Room. It seemed a bit heavy, and I was out of breath, a bit. It has three pieces and went together easily. All the lights lit up when plugged in. I felt tired and lied on the couch.

After about 20 minutes, I thought I was not recovering as fast as I normally do, so I asked Dianne to take me to Credit Valley Hospital. It was noon when we got there and Emergency was totally empty. A doctor took an ECG and I was whisked inside into a bed. Blood was drawn. Another ECG. A doctor said all was looking fine, but the blood was being analyzed. After about 45 minutes, she said instead of sending me home, I was going to see the Cardiologist. Enzymes produced when the heart is distressed were found. Nice fellow decided I needed multiple injections and a Nitro patch. I was told everything that was happening. Suddenly, my blood pressure dropped fast. Sure knew it too!

So, off by ambulance with two nurses and the crew. Down to the Trillium facility and new room.

Around 10pm, off to the Cardio Lab. Dye injected in right wrist. That showed the Right Coronary Artery was "100% blocked". So, a balloon opened it up and a Titanium stent now holds it open. Back to the room. Slept. At about 3AM, I woke. I felt better than I had in a long time. Funny how a restored blood supply can do that.

On Saturday, in the early afternoon, the Circumflex artery (only 80% blocked) also got a stent. Back to the room, More sleep. Not as dramatic a change this time. But I was perfectly satisfied.

Sunday saw me transported back to the first hospital. The driver actually got lost and we took the long route. Nice room, great staff, bland but ok food. Rest and getting medication sorted out took until Tuesday morning. Dianne drove me home. I had an upset tummy and that was not pleasant, but eventually passed.

It's Thursday night, I'm doing nothing but resting and watching TV. But, I am feeling quite well.

The whole thing was very non-painful. There might be a small scar on the heart. There is also a chance of a complete recovery.

In about a month I will receive an invitation to attend a recovery program with supervised exercise, dietitian's advice, and other services. I intend to take full advantage of the program.

For those who don't live in Canada, I should mention that at no time was any money involved. No cash, no credit card, no bill at all.

So, I am continuing to make plans to ride to the MOA rally in Salt Lake City next July. Will likely be in pretty good shape by then if I follow the program, which I intend to do.