Friday, November 18, 2016

New Subaru - Love it!

Two weeks ago today, I picked up my new 2017 Outback 2.5i Limited. It was flawless on delivery.

Have only 500 km on it so far, mostly just puttering around Mississauga with a couple of trips to Vaughn to visit daughter and granddaughter. No issues.

The Weathertec floor mats were expensive but took only a few seconds to install. They claim a 3D laser is used to measure the floor and area. By golly, the fit is perfect! Should do very well.

So far, getting about 9.8 l/100km. Still breaking in and am expecting better. Somewhat better anyhow. Since I drive so few km per year, I am not that fussy about saving money on fuel.

Have spent a lot of time figuring out the sound system. Now have 15 GB of my digitized CDs on a stick and the sound system does a fine job.

The Nav system is a bit of a disappointment. With my Garmin units on the bike and in Dianne's car, it is easy to find the nearest Tim Horton's or various other venues. Subaru does not use Garmin. Don't really know who they use, but the search is basically useless. No icons showing businesses along the route on the standard display, can search for a small subset but that is distracting and best done at a stop. At least the display is nice and large at 7". Street name lables are a bit difficult to associate with their streets. Worse, seems that the Google habit of labeling major streets with numbers rather than names inside cities has been adopted. I like to see Yonge St and not a badge with "11" in it. Traffic is via SiriusXM for some indefinite time. When the free service stops, no more traffic info. SiriusXM is unlikely to ever see a penny from me, unless one subscription would apply to my car and my bike too. Still, I am a fan of  using GPS/

The adaptive cruise is great. Does not see red lights if no cars are in front of course. And, if cars are stopped at that light already, but I am bearing down on them, I need to treat that as in the red light sense or risk providing unwanted body work to the car last in line. And mine too.

High beam assist took a while to verify that it works. Driving on the Stouffville Sideroad a couple of nights ago showed that it works and works quite well.

Late November is often Fog Practice weather here in Southern Ontario. So, I should be able to test the fog lights soon.

All in all, very quiet, peppy, superb handling... . When the winter weather arrives, I may need to tell you more about the AWD and winter tires, but until then I am just going to enjoy the drive!


  1. Woohoo, glad you are enjoying things so far. I've never had a car with Sat Nav built in but it sounds as though you may like your Garmin better.

    Hubby said his Forester is the best and most sure footer vehicle he's ever driven in the snow. Better than any other truck or car. Me thinks you will be happy with the AWD in the snow.

    1. Next door neighbor has a Forrester and loves it when driving up in snow country. I am unlikely to really need it. Wanted AWD for the safety, and spluged on Blizzaks as well, even though the Toronto area gets little snow. February and early March can get ugly on the 401 freeway, busiest in the world, I'm told.

  2. You sound like a happy owner to me :)

    It's hard to beat iPhones for navigation, music, and more. "Hey Siri play my jazz playlist". "Hey Siri, take me home". "Hey Siri what's the temperature?" "Hey Siri, what's the meaning of life?"

    1. Siri may not know the meaning of life, but I'm pretty sure you know a reasonable approximation... .

      Dianne has an iPhone 6s. Have not yet paired it but will.

      Could not get a text message today; strange, since emails are fine. I press "ignore". The system will read them out though. Web search said to delete old messages. I have done that and will test again. Others say it works great with Android better than with iPhone, which is unusual.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, I'm sure it will be an enjoyable change from the minivan.

      We generally get a lot less snow than you do, but today was cold and on the way over to my daughter's, the 407 got a bit of snow and the temp was down to zero C. Not a problem but I guess this means summer is really, really over. Glad I changed the oil last weekend!

    2. Hows the weather today Ed? I've been watching CP24 (well, I watch it regularly because they are the only news feed live at 5 am when I get up) and it looks like you got slammed just like we did here. You are going to love AWD over the minivan.

    3. Yes, I discovered that this morning driving my granddaughter. When snow is deep enough to be moved aside and form ridges, the front wheels are usually deflected by them, a bit. Does not seem to occur with the AWD. It's not at all hard to steer, just very steady. With the Blizzak tires, it felt just like dry roads when stopping.

      In truth, the snow could have been much worse. The temp was cold though at -4C.

      All very confidence inspiring.

  4. Check out Sirius for your bike: if you are listening via your phone on the web, I think you're covered.

  5. Trial Sirius is on bike too, and I don't stream music to my phone. I have 14GB of music on it already and never listen to it. Would have to remove hearing aids to insert earphones so it is awkward. Have the same music on a USB stick and can listen to it via the helmet bluetooth - even when we are riding and sometimes chatting.

    I just don't find the Sirius service to be of great value, to me. Others may differ.