Saturday, August 20, 2016

Video of Sideroad 15 Route

I thought I might go for a ride today, and mounted my GoPro. Then, off to Sideroad 15, the same road David and I took a couple of days ago, reported upon in a recent post.

There is a lot more traffic on this road than there was back in 2000, when I first traveled it.

First of two videos.

Second video

Since I do only a little video, I have to relearn video editing every time. I am using GoPro Studio this time, making a file customized for YouTube. Then, adding a link from here to the two videos I produced.

Ride videos can be really boring. I deleted most of the video I shot, keeping the twisty bits and a few shots of nice scenery. I used a dissolve between the shots I kept so you can see that I have deleted stuff. Still, it ends up with a lot of video. I hope you like it.

If you would like to suggest how I might do a better job, do let me know.

The first video has 50 minutes of upload remaining as I write this, and then I have to do the same for the second video. That is a function of my ISPs upload speed, which is a bit low. Only 3% CPU being used... .

Editing is a time consuming process (less than uploading though!). I am beginning to get used to GoPro Studio. I can add titles where I want them, use dissolves between shots, and have figured out how to set the start and end points of a clip, put them together, and export the whole thing. The final file size is smallest when I select the option to send to YouTube, which I do.

I believe that GoPro Studio has a built-in software feature that does some video stabilization. The video produced suggests a much smoother asphalt surface than is evident in the video that I do the initial cuts in. This might account for the rather long time it takes to "Export" a video after doing the cuts, assembly, titles and such. Yes, it seems a lot more involved than using a smartphone, but the results are superior. I hope.

9 minutes to go for the first, then I can upload the second. I was able to go to the garage and retrieve the GPS. I need to redo the pairings on the Cardo, since I failed to take my cheat sheet out to the bike to restore music. I did restore the music, just not the "right" way and wound up loosing the connection to phone calls. Yes, I know that is not necessarily the worst thing in the world, but look, I want to ensure I can use the phone if I need to.

5 minutes. But, a Borat film is on the TV. Have not seen it until now. Not sure I missed much... .

Now it says uploading is complete, and says when processing is complete, the video will be available. The processing progress bar has been at 0% for a while... . Ok, now it is progressing at about 1% every two seconds. Obviously, it has been a while since I last did this and just forgot the sequence.

At this point on TV, Borat managed to drop his suitcase while riding a subway car in NY. It opened. A live chicken flew out. He is chasing it among the passengers, who have quite a reaction.

So, for now, I just have to wait... .

And for the second video another hour and a quarter. Hour and a half now. That will take me until 3am. What I do for my faithful viewers... .

The smart thing to do is let this run while I go to bed, come down in the morning and do a quick finalization of the post.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day for a ride. I also use the GoPro Studio for editing as it seems to be adequate. Though I rarely do any riding videos except for the Polar Bear Challenge ones in the winter. I think that YouTube has a vibration reduction thing. Not sure about the GoPro software.

    1. Yes it was a nice day for a ride. And, for making a video.

      According to
      you are correct, the vibration fix is via YouTube.

      Unlike the article, I did not get a notice to fix vibration, nor could I find a check box anywhere. Either it is now automatic, or it is gone. If it did not do a good job, it would be gone, I suppose.

      Thanks for the comment.

    2. OK, I found it. If I go to my YouTube account and click on a video, it starts to play with a bunch of icons along the bottom.

      One of the icons says "Enhancements". Click on it and a new box appears with a stabilization option over on the right.

      I chose Save As New Video and will be able to have the old and the new versions. Guess I will have to edit my post, should have just done the Save ... live and learn.

  2. Nice to see you are getting out to play with David.

  3. Hi! David was quite pleased with the roads we traveled. As you can imagine, he has been busy getting the relocation from Montreal sorted out. I'm hoping we can do some local exploring during the Fall, which I hope will be colourful.

    Hope you are enjoying your riding season too.

    1. Check out Nick Adams' videos. He's local and does some interesting motorcycle videos. (

    2. Thanks for the link. Saw one and will check out others in September when my internet limit resets...

  4. Very nice work on the videos Ed.

    I finally got around to posting about our adventures. I took advantage of the plane ride from Vancouver to Montreal to do the writing. It took another hour or so to find and insert a few pics, fix my typos, and insert some links.

    Even 'simple' blogging consumes a lot of time. I haven't done any video for quite a while because editing and posting is quite a chore, even when the video is 'simple'.

    I have so much respect for the vloggers who manage to do decent voice overs, changes in camera location, inserting stills and titles, and the other nice little extras. Peter Sanderson is really, really good at that.

    To be truly proficient requires from sexy panned time lapse work to capture a changing sky, and some drone work to boot.

    I can't even begin to imagine the post-recording production work to sew all the footage together.

    So I don't shoot much video :(

    1. I agree, it's a lot like work. Some folks seem to really like doing it, but I tend to keep it simple.

      If you are with a group, they would have to be really cooperative to get a fine video. They would have to hang back while you went ahead to set up, then go by you, and wait down the road for you to catch up. Some videos show the results of all that and they are really nice.

      I have never tried to get that sort of thing organized.

  5. Cool video, love reading your blog! Thanks for the share!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the post.