Sunday, August 14, 2016

Preparations to a Ride

I was talking to John last evening. He mentioned a Vulcan bomber had been restored and the crew was so good that they could get this incredible aircraft in the air in 1.5 minutes. I suggested that was 10 times faster than it took me to get ready to go for a ride on the R1200RT!

Here is why:

First, disconnect the Optimate 4 battery tender.

Open the garage door. Note the flash did a nice job lighting up the reflective material I applied to the luggage.

Get the keys from the house. Both the car keys and bike key collections are required.

Unplug the Cardo G9 Communicator from its charger and attach to the holder in the helmet and turn it on.

Get into the riding boots and zip them up.

Climb on the bike using the parchute cord boot lifters to avoid marking up the seat. Old man's trick.

First, back up the car away from the garage and ride out and park.

Put the car back near the door. Lower the garage door, after taking out the helmet and jacket and gloves. Or, re-open the door, take the stuff out, and re-close the door.

Today I am using the mesh jacket.

Now, put in the ear plugs, don the helmet, put the phone in the tank bag, after making sure the Bluetooth is turned on.

Start the bike.

Hear the music, or fix whatever the problem is.

Check that the tank bag is zipped up.

Do final checks.

Ride away.

So, that is more than 1.5 minutes.


  1. Glad I am not the only one that takes more than a few minutes to get out the door and down the driveway for a ride.

    The reflective tape on the saddlebags is a brilliant idea.

    1. It takes even longer when you take pictures of the the steps! LOL.

  2. Thanks for the share, love reading your blog.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

  3. It does take a while to get everything together for a quick ride.
    Great post, thanks for sharing with us.


    1. Thanks for reading the post ... and commenting. Hope you enjoy the other posts as well.