Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tire Problem

Towards the end of the season, I noticed the rear tire was a bit low in pressure, but the front was ok. I figured there might be a problem, added air and all was well. Over the winter, the pressure fell from 42 to 22. Yes, there must be a problem.

So, today I filled a spray bottle with 20% soap and 80% water. Checked the stem, tire/wheel area on both sides, then the main tire area. Here is a photo of the trouble spot:

Very near the centre of the tire. Very little air escaping, maybe 1 psi per day. That is 1 psi too much.

So, off to the dealer on Tuesday for a new tire. I could plug it, and on a car I would, but not on the bike.

I am a Platinum level member of BMW MOA. That is the highest level - comes with tire insurance. You can claim twice a year and this will be number two since I renewed last July.

There is no hassle when making a claim, or at least there was not on my first claim. If there is a problem, I guess I will post about it here.