Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rites of Spring

Today was a nice weather day. Sorted out the garage.

Transferred old gas to the minivan, refilled with Shell high test, no ethanol, started up relatively no problem.

Bike felt heavy as I manhandled it in the garage, but I did it

Found a lot of stuff I had stored last fall, but not all, will look again tomorrow.

Not really in a hurry to ride, but want to be ready.


  1. Nothing wrong with getting thing ready to ride.

  2. Sure did sound nice when it started up.

    Did some additional stuff today. Will work on a blog entry this evening.

  3. Thank heavens I got a rainless not-too-cold interval for my ride to Toronto yesterday. Parts of it were even fun, like when my Vespa hit 127 kmh going downhill out of Clarington on the 401.

    Today it's sitting quietly in my son's garage, thankful for a rest.

    1. Welcome to the GTA. I'm glad you had good weather, since it looks a little wet and cold out there today, and might get worse over the weekend.

      Still, I'm looking forward to riding next week, hopefully.

      No rush, but we should plan a ride for you here in your new surroundings.