Monday, March 14, 2016

A few shots now on Flickr

See my Flickr albums for 91 new pics of the Big Island:

My Flickr Albums

There are two albums for these shots. One has conventional processing, the other has DxO 10's one-shot HDR processing applied for a bit more High Dynamic Range. If you like a bit of posterization effect, that is the album for you! I prefer a pic to look like a photograph, but the customer, my daughter, wants to choose, so Daddy tried to comply.

Well, I should not ask you to work too hard, so I will add a photo or two.

Since this is also about motorcycles, I met this group of fellow MOA members today, at the extreme north end of the island:

Not too much difference in this shot, but some others do show more HDR effects.


  1. Such vivid colors in the pics.

    By the looks of the Flickr albums you are having entirely too much fun, good for you.

    1. The shots I took yesterday were from a fairly short drive - about 45 miles from our rental house to the end of the road where I took the seascape shot and then back for the lighthouse and the old pile of stones that is a sacred temple. And, later today is the wedding.

  2. The engines are jewels on two wheels.