Thursday, November 26, 2015

Busy But Good Week

Proud Grandparents

Every once in a while, Dianne and I spend a few days or so with our granddaughter Emma, usually when travel takes her mother away. We help her get to school, Upper Canada Chorus (UCC) rehearsals, Karate lessons, and whatever else is required. Sometimes there is an upside to all this, and there was this week.

A Canadian group of four male singers known as The Tenors entertained a few thousand people at the Air Canada Centre this week. On a few of their songs, a subset of the UCC kids provided a backup choir. Of course, they did an excellent job - they would not have been asked to perform otherwise. The UCC leadership is superb and the 4 to 17 year old choristers experience  really unique singing experiences. The improvement over a couple of years is incredible.

Changing Oil on the RT

It's recommended to winter a motorcycle with a full tank of gas and fresh oil. Did that today. I had been watching the weather forecast for a couple of weeks and it all was typical November weather. Except for today. 16 C !!!

So, I poured some Startron into the gas tank and rode a short distance to my favourite Shell station and filled up. Then back home to dump the now hot oil and refill with new stuff.

It all went quite easily. Surprisingly, the hardest part was reinstalling the lower plastic fairing part. It covered the oil filter and had to be removed to get access. All OK now.

John suggested trying to turn the engine over without starting it to fill the oil filter, which is on the side of the engine, not under it. If under, I could have filled the filter with oil and then installed it. But, the way the RT is equipped, the kill switch and the starter switch are part of the same toggle switch. You can do one or the other. I checked the sight glass after adding the oil and it was completely filled with oil. I figured the level would drop after starting the engine. It did. After shutting it off, I let the bike sit for a bit, watching the sight glass level rise, rapidly at first, then slowing, until it came to a rest exactly at the half-full level. Perfect. I had been careful to add exactly four L of oil, as is called for by the manual. All very satisfying.

A bit of positioning, adding a cover, all that's all she wrote until Spring. Won't be too long, but will feel that way.

In the meantime, I will have to make some trip plans.


  1. Or pick up a trailer to take the bike to a warmer area.

  2. Never done that, but could be in the cards some year. Dianne is investigating a trip to Cape Town and that's not a trailerable trip. Would help fill in the winter...

    We have spent a few days there and did not nearly see enough. South Africa is a treat and a half, not be missed if at all possible. I ended up working there for a year and a half, out of Joberg, and had a chance to travel quite a bit. Just love it.

  3. Nice that you could see your granddaughter on her big day as backup choir. I bet she was happy you were there too.

    1. She is a busy young lady, so we drive her to lots of her events. When one of them permits us to stick around and see what is happening, we do so, and it is appreciated by her and us as well.

      In my teen years, I recall my major activities were: paper route, homework, with little else.

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    1. All is well. Hope the same with you and your family.