Monday, September 14, 2015

Nice Ride Today

Great day for a Ride

It was a nice day today, so I was determined to go for a ride.

September Field Visit

A nice blue sky.

A nice blue bike

By the Fence

What you see in the way of countryside is pretty typical of the landscape just north and west of Toronto. Really nice farmland. On a gentle down sloping bit of road, I noticed a nice wide and paved shoulder and decided to stop and take some pics. Let me know which you like and why, if you care to.

The Bluetooth Rocks!

As the edit to the preceding post noted, I updated the firmware in the Cardo G9 last night. I was warned this would require deleting all previous pairings and redoing them again. Shit.

Fortunately, the last time I did this I made a record of what was paired to what. That allowed me to very quickly do the pairing(s) again in the garage. Then, I moved the car away, rode the bike out, put the car back, and dressed for the ride. G9 ON, helmet on head, Start bike. Hear announcement that the GPS is connected, hear music, good to go, I hoped.

And it was! Damn!

I did not put the GPS on a route at first. Just sort of pressed the screen to get the GPS lady to speak. Too much distortion. Well, there is an "audio mixer" screen that had three sliders all maxed out. So I moved them to about 75% and that cured the distortion issue.

The music was controllable for album, track, and playlist. Quality was reasonable. I had heard the BMW Audio System had terrible quality, but I think there are some settings that interact with each other and will fine tune a few of them to see if I can improve it a bit. Still, given the wind noise and all, the music was quite acceptable. Those little helmet speakers ... they are not audiophile quality either.

At a safe place, I touched the NAV V screen, chose Phone, pressed "Call Home" and heard dial tone and dialing! Fortuitously, I was invited to leave a vmail message. I listened to it when I got home and next time I will put the mic right in front of my lips. It was level with them but a bit too for to the right. May have to play with the Cardo AGC function to see if it affects speech clarity. Dianne said before the quality was better with the helmet visor down. Another variable. Still, I was perfectly understandable and you could not determine that I was on a motorcycle. Maybe you might think I had a somewhat poor phone.

Right near the end of the ride, I purposely went off the route. This excited the GPS lady announcer no end. I wanted to do that. I wanted many announcements in a short time. And, that is what I got. The music was interrupted and always resumed. I think they fixed that old problem that caused the music to be disconnected. So, the update might have been a really good thing.

So, altogether a good day. I might play around a bit with the NAV V, extract the track record and see if that might make a good graphic.


  1. Very nice and very blue bike! Il glad you got the BT worked out. My setup is super simple just intercom and phone. My GPS simply beeps.

  2. Your new bikes looks pretty good out in the wild. A nice accent to the blue sky!

  3. Gotta' love it when it works. I hope to get out for a ride on Sunday: have decided working is a total waste of sunshine (in September at least!)

    1. With the end of the season only a couple of months away, we better ride when we can.

  4. I like the closeup shot. The lines of the fairings look really nice.

    As for helmet coms, my Sena is spectacular with earplugs. Without earplugs the sound is much less enjoyable. The same might be true for the Scala.

    1. You have lots of computer experience so I'm sure you understand I was really trying to get the features to work together, explore options. I am quite happy with the sound quality most of the time, so I will continue with the wireless option.