Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Packing for the East - 2

OK, since I am not going camping, I decided to do a different way of packing.

1 Lay out riding clothes

1 I laid out my riding clothes, belt, keys, etc. on a chair so as to get going quickly in the morning.

2 Left Saddlebag

This bag contains shirts and underwear, bathing suit, toiletries bag, and raincoat. On second thought, I may move the toiletries bag... .

3 Right Saddlebag

3 The righthand bag is the one that I will take into a motel at night. It contains a minimal kit - one change of underwear and socks, dressier shirt, dressier pants, and sandles for walking about. The idea is to transfer some clothes from the left bag as needed if the clothes washed at night are not dry enough in the morning. The Tilley stuff generally is fine. You wash it, roll it up in a towel for and hour, then hang it to dry. Generally works.

4 Camera Bag

4 This is a minimalist bag made of neoprene for the DSLR. It provides padding and a bit of concealment as the camera lives in the tank bag and I open that from time to time.

Now, the hard saddlebags do contain some bike related stuff as before. The safety triangle, tire plugs, etc. There is at least half a saddlebag left over for the fitted bags shown, which are only half filled.

The top case and tank bag have lots of space in them. The laptop will go into the top case alsong with some other miscellaneous stuff. Generally, I will be a lot more lightly loaded than I ever have been before. More about how it all works out as I go.

Off in the morning, hopefully before 8am. Have to fuel and make my way to the 407 to avoid the 401 stop and go across the top of Toronto.


  1. I hope you have a lovely trip and safe travels!

    1. Thanks! End of Day 2 now and all is well. Going to make a post in a few minutes.

  2. This looks more manageable. Hope you are having a great ride today.

    1. Thanks! As above, am finished with Day 2 and tired, otherwise all is ok.