Friday, August 28, 2015

Mine Soon

Will pick up at noon next Tuesday. I will post pics of the actual bike at that time.

Bike has a high seat, but this will be replaced with a low seat soon. High seat still much better than my 2011, due to the lower centre of gravity. Still, a low seat gets both feet flat on the ground.

Test ride went very well today. This bike has not had the beating of last Saturday's factory demo tour bike and is really peppy. That new 15 bhp can be felt!

Pretty happy, moi!


  1. New bike ... of course you're happy. Do you think my little short legs could touch the ground from the seat?

    1. We will see, the next time we meet, There should be an opportunity to do that before the season ends.

  2. Very nice! Are you going wit the blue in the pic?

  3. Yes. I will take pics of the real bike when I get it around noon on Tuesday and make a post that night, I hope.

  4. Tuesday must still feel like it's a long way off. Are you planning on continuing your trip?

  5. I am back in Mississauga, which is a long way from the accident. The new bike will need to be ridden to the 1000 km check / service before any real trip. So, thinking of short trips to get acquainted.

  6. That's a sweet bike Ed. Looking forward to the pics.

  7. David, I have made a new post with many pics and a lot of first impressions and comparisons to the 2011. I really love the new bike.