Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2015 Trip East - Day 8 (Edited Final Post w/ Pics)

Today was a day of positioning and seeing the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck.

It was raining lightly on departure but stopped and resumed from time to time. I saw where the Trailsman Motel was located as I made my way to the museum. About 10 km out of Baddeck proper, and not a bad place as it turns out.

I have some photos taken in the museum that need processing and uploading. However, the internet speed here is awful. So, I may make a separate blog entry. If they upload ok, I will edit the blog title to help you detect this. I am going to be here 2 nights.

The Bell museum is run by Parks Canada. The setting is beautiful and the exhibits really well done.

AGB was a man with varied technical interests and lived at a time when things electrical and all aspects of aviation were developing rapidly. The displays show how he became involved in many areas.

Silver Dart

HD4 Hydrofoil replica on left and restored HD4 on right.

A "train" hydrofoil and a rocket torpedo

More Silver Dart showing the display room

View from coffee shop

AGB's study

I ate an early dinner at the Bell Buoy Restaurant and Supper House. Americans prnounce buoy as booey, but real English pronunciation is "boy". So, Bellboy is the name. I passed on the lobsters and went with scallops which were cooked so as to be tender and not toughened up. I sort of rushed out because the rain was going to arrive in earnest, again.

By 1750, the rain has come and passed through. I have some pictures to post that you will enjoy.

Tomorrow, I will do the Cabot Trail loop. It's at least four hours, more if you stop for lunch and also stop for pictures. The weather will not be perfect, but we shall see.


  1. You are taking me down memory lane. I remember stopping at the AGB museum as a kid on my first trip east with my parents. They had a truck camper and my two wheeler was strapped on a bike carrier to the front of the pick up truck. That was the year I rode my pedal bike across an entire province - it was PEI. I rode from Cavendish to Charlottetown. It was also my first trip to PEI.
    Those rain photos ... yup, just what the radar made me think it would look like - WET!
    (By the by - the NewBrunswickers also call them booey's.)

    1. Glad you recalled some happy times. We did not have the money for travel when I was a kid. So, better late than never!

      Funny word Buoy. Wonder if it is French in origin and how do they pronounce it? Too late at night for that...

  2. Great photos Ed, like to see that museum now.

  3. Ed, Karen, in French it's bouée, sounds like "boo - eh", where U.S. would "boo - ee". Clearly all closely related.

  4. Oh look at that glorious rain. Parched Oregon could use a week or two of that.

    Not so much fun to ride in, but I want to smell the rain again.

    The museum looks like a good place to explore.