Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015 Trip East - Day 7

Part 1 - 0830

The sun is shining, I packed and set off. Immediately, there was a warning that the rear tire was low. Gauge said 22 psi. The bike had not moved since I checked into the hotel in the afternoon two days ago. There clearly is a leak.

The nearest dealer is 250 km away, in the outskirts of Moncton and I will head there this morning. They can do the headlight and the tire (or - hope it's not the rim!). I called them but they open at 0900. I want to call them first of course.

I am a member of the BMW Owners of America organization. Before I left, I took advantage of their Roadside Assistance program (transport to dealer) and upgraded to include Tire Hazard protection. Will see what that does for me. Transport not an issue right now, but it may become one.

Oh, one more niggle. I have been listening to music in my Cardo G9 headset in the helmet. This morning, the phone won't pair properly. I will try to get it going later in the day. Minor.

So, I will post updates to this during the day, when I can.

Part 2 - 1530

At Atlantic Motoplex, near Moncton. Exiting the ramp from the highway, I should have done a rolling stop and turned right. Instead, I stopped and put my left foot down. I did not realize the slope was that much, off to the left and dropped the bike, breaking the peg. Rode to the dealer.

Nice people work at this dealer. They are looking after me. Special thanks to Chuck Michaud at the service desk.

  • No peg in stock, but moved the left passenger peg to rider position.
  • There was a cotter pin in the rear tire. They would not plug it.
  • They had a Pilot Road 4 GT in stock (BMW back home had to order it in.)
  • Before the trip, I ordered Road Assistance and Tire warranty from BMW MOA. Called the tire warranty number from the dealership. They talked to the dealer who agreed to accept credit card payment from the insurance company for my tire, including mounting, balance, and tax. They did ask the dealer to measure the tread depth. Very new, so full payment.
So, on the whole, I could not be more pleased.

Heading back towards my origin of the morning, but may not make it all the way back as I don't know when I will be leaving here. Might be very soon as they moved the bike. That means the tire is back on and the headlights are next. I am having both replaced as they are four years old and it's a lot of work to get the fairing bits off.

I will let you know how far I got later in the day.

Part 3 and Last

Almost time for bed...

I'm all the way back to Port Hawksbury, at the same motel. Got the last room, because I stopped and phoned them ... sort of said "If i don't call, they will surely sell out" and they almost did.

So, 666.1 km, 99.6 kmph moving average, 09:56 time, only 03:15 stopped, so the dealer did a great job as noted above.

OK, booked a motel in Baddeck for 2 nights to see it and do the Cabot Trail.

Hope the weather holds. By the way, that rain the other day 106 mm here in Port Hawksbury. And, some roads are washed out, so I may be short-circuited...

Tomorrow's problem. Good night!


  1. Darn tire gremlins at it again. Fingers crossed the dealer can get you sorted. At least the sun came out.

    1. Yes, I have posted an update, it was a cotter pin, glad I got it sorted out. Waiting for the bike now.

  2. Hope all is well and you are dry tonight ... looking at the weather network it seems unlikely.
    A cotter pin? Where the heck and how the heck does a cotter pin get into a tire. Glad they wouldn't plug it if you have insurance to put a new one on.

  3. Friend John has many more years experience than I do and it was a new one for him too. Could have been any place I got gas. They get pulled out and tossed or fall out of a garbage bin and land with the pointy side up. Could you actually run over it if you knew it was there? Small target.

    Insurance did cover it, with absolutely no hassel. I was wise to take it out and wise to call in the claim while at the dealer so they could talk and that simplified the whole thing. Excellent.

  4. 600 Kms is a long day in the saddle. Glad it all worked out.

    How much of a chore was it picking the bike up? Lucky you didn't hurt yourself on the way down (or the way up).

    1. 666.1 is even farther! A lady motorist stopped to help, but I did most of the work putting my back to the bike. Easier than I thought it would be.

  5. Glad, that all got fixed. I am also considering Baddock as a two day "home base".

    1. Yes. I stayed at the Trailsman Motel, but there are nicer ones in town. Ate twice at the Bell Buoy restaurant. Excellent.