Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Trip East - Day 6

Time flies. Especially when you spend half a day in bed. Nice naps, and I would say I needed them.

Spent some time on the computer looking in detail at the route(s) I will take tomorrow. Might well take two days here. I'd like to do the coastal ride and also a side loop to the historic Louisberg fort. Can't really do it in one day. And, while tomorrow's weather is looking good, the next day might not be so fine.

So, more tomorrow.


  1. A day to catch up is nice. Did you find lightbulb? I remember visiting Louisbourg when I was a teenager, haven't been there recently.

    1. The bulb is the low beam headlight, I found out. Common item, but getting the plastic fairing parts off to get to it is the trick. I have to pass right by the BMW dealer near the highway outside of Moncton. They can remove the plastic bits in their sleep, so I will pop in there.

      And, tomorrow looks good.