Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015 East - Followup

It's a gorgeous August Sunday afternoon here in Mississauga, just west of Toronto. We are in the backyard, under the hard roofed shelter, Dianne is eating a hard boiled egg and I am having a beer while I think through the trip and recent aftermath. I thought some faithful readers would like to know the latest.

  • Air Conditioner Failure
Sigh. New deluxe Carrier last September. It failed while I was away. Something always fails on Dianne while I am on a trip. I used to travel for business and things happened. I remember a fence blowing down. Once, she got harrassing phone calls and the police had to get involved. Pool pump failure another time.

Turns out there is a fancy flow control valve called a TXV unit. Before high efficiency A/C, a simple tiny hole would do the job of letting high pressure coolant expand.  Now, if you do a Wickipedia search, you can see there is more complication, more likelihood of failure. The compressor control electronics (outside, more complication) sees low pressure but old fashioned gauges say the copper lines are intact and have coolant. Yea. No need to pull down drywall to replace the tubing.

Did the repair guy have the needed TXV? No. It will have to be ordered and they will come back once they get it. Sigh.

The weather is cool right now, so we are lucky.

  • Insurance Settlement
Yes, the bike is a total loss. I have been informed of the settlement and will sign over the ownership tomorrow. Unlike how a lot of folks have felt with their settlements, I feel I was treated fairly by my insurance company and am grateful for that.
  • 2015 BMW R1200RT Test Ride
I had been told the bike I had was fine, but the newer models had a new engine, new chassis, and new features that made it really great. That proved correct.

The above photo is from a review on the web. I chose to show it because it is the best illustration of how narrow the bike is just aft of the big gas tank. The engine is smaller, moved down and forward in the new lower chassis. Finally, I can have both feet flat on the ground at a stop. With 15 more horsepower, the bike is decidedly more sporty. Yes, soon one will move into the garage. Don't know if it will be a 2015, they are almost sold out. More later in the week.

The mirrors are higher and may be more outward in position. I like them.

The instrument panel display is readable in sunlight. A major improvement.

The Dynamic electronic suspension adjustment actually does stuff that you can really feel. Rain, Road, Dynamic are the major settings with fine tuning available in each for Comfort, Normal, Hard. These affect damping. In Dynamic, various things are measured including weight. I believe it adjusts even during a curve. Also affect the traction control and the ABS settings. Very clever.
  •   That's all for now.


  1. I had gotten distracted looking for 2015 online reviews. The watercooled boxer is supposed to be a really nice setup. My old RT still has plenty of power for me and easy for me to work on.

    Glad to hear that the insurance company came through with a reasonable settlement.

    1. I'm short and the new seating is close to perfect. The extra 15 horsepower and throttle by wire control gives the engine an easy reving feeling. It is not a sport bike but handles in a much more sporty manner.

      Go for a test ride. You will be pleased you did.

  2. Replies
    1. They are scarce. Should know something by noon tomorrow.

  3. I am glad the insurance company treated you well.

    And if you happen to get a new bike that isn't so bad.

    Bummer about the A/C though, good thing it isn't too hot.

    1. It continues to be cool, for August, and the humidity is tolerable. We had to go out in the late morning, and then they called! Should be fixed by noon tomorrow.

  4. That's good news Ed.

    Can't wait for your impressions of the eventual new bike.

  5. Will need to put 1000 km on quickly. Will have to figure out a route. If I can do here, your place, Ottawa ...

    Might get the bike say mid next week. Let me know your thoughts via email re your schedule around that time.

  6. Awesome! Glad you were treated fairly! Looking forward to seeing your new wheels!

  7. Keeping fingers crossed that you get a new steed very soon. Season isn't over yet.

  8. Yes, indeed. I am trying to find a new ride and should be able to reach a deal soon.