Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 East - Day 5

My motel in Port Hawksbury is 500.1 km from the motel in Miramichi. That's 500 km of slab, under overcast skies.

Just after the Canso Causway, a drizzle started. I decided to gas and was determined to find a motel soon after. Previously, I had seen a billboard with a lovely looking new motel called Maritime Inns. Looked great, but expensive. After filling the tank, I looked up and saw the inn next door! Plus, the rain had started. The room is $130 but gorgeous. Supposedly, the weather tomorrow is sunny, just as I start the loop counterclockwise.

At the gas stop, the bike had a warning icon on the display. Has it been that long since I had the bike serviced? No, it's not the reminder light. The manual explains it's a rear bulb burnt out. Not sure which one, brake or turn indicator, but will check in the dry morning.

Standard P21 bulb. Wonder where I can get one? Mr Garmin says the Napa Auto Parts store is 0.7 km from here. David will remember I showed him the torx kit I brought with me... . This should be about the easiest fix I could expect. More tomorrow about this, especially if it gets complicated.

Off the road a bit early today, due to 110 kph limits and rain, but I am positioned nicely for an early start. Hm, when does the store open? I can see it all unfolding now...

Oh, 8am. Perfect timing.


  1. Let's hope that is an easy fix under sunny skies.

    1. Turns out it is one of dual low beams. Dealer is on the route home near Moncton. They know how to take the fairing apart to get at the headlight nacelle. Not a job I would tackle on a trip without real cause.

  2. Changing the headlight on any bike is a chore, more so with fairings because of the unseen pressure clips.