Saturday, August 8, 2015

2015 East - Day 4

It rained overnight, but was not raining when I started out this morning. It did rain just before noon, a bit, and cooled off too.

Just before I was to take the bridge over the Saulmon river to New Brunswick, I noticed there was a nearby town. Got gas and lunch, then off to Miramichi.

The roads were fine, if not at all up to the excitement of yesterday. In due course, I arrived here in Miramichi. We have friends who own and run a B&B here, and I stopped by to see them. Had a nice visit with them, then off to the motel (they were full).

At the motel, I asked at the desk about a restaurant. They have a deal with Mike's Bar and Grill. Whisper "Day's Inn sent me!" to your server and you will get a $6 steak, plus $1.50 for fries, plus $1.50 for additional veggies, if you want them. I did not feel all that hungry, but the flank steak was nicely cooked and the fries were piping hot. A veritable steal.

Back at the hotel, the desk lamp and the floor lamp were not working. Both needed new bulbs. Never had two bad bulbs in a room before, but now all is well.

Tomorrow, I will point the bike toward the Cabot Trail. I have no idea as to where I will end up. Today was a shorter distance, only 431.1 km says Mr. Garmin. That's good, as I am feeling a bit arthritic at this point. Time for an early night, I think. Oh, lost an hour due to time zone too.

No pics today. Rain and overcast and just boring trees on both sides of the slab. I am assured that this will change, weather permitting.

More tomorrow.


  1. Too bad about the overcast sky. I'm surprised the coastal route was so disappointing, I'm sure the Cabot Trail will not be.

  2. Not a bad eeal for dinner! Sometimes you just need a day of uneventful quiet riding particularly after a day or so of twisty technical roads. We had some much needed rain here today as well. Ride safe!

  3. Never see meals priced like that here, that's for sure!

  4. Hope the weather is improving for you today and the bones feel a little better too. Maybe you'll find a nice hot tub to relax in when you park it for the night.

  5. I hope Cabot Trail will make up for it. I have heard it's best to ride it counter-clockwise.

    1. Clockwise means you will descend mostly on the steepist switchbacks. On the counterclockwise route, the switchback corners are not really tight, but the steepness on exit means you will be leaning over hard. No problem on my bike, but on yours, I don't know. Best to be going slow.