Friday, July 10, 2015

Deerskin Gloves - Bob's Suggestion

Bob [Bobskoot] hosted me in Vancouver last year around this time. His birthday was July 9 and mine July 13.

Among our many discussions, I lamented that I could not operate my GoPro camera controls wearing my Joe Rocket waterproof gloves. He said I needed to wear Deerskin ones.

So here it is almost a year later and I just put on a new pair of Deerskin gloves. Tight, but they are stretching nicely. I have tried them with both the camera and the remote dongle which also gave me infinite frustration last year.

No problem!

Once again, Bob gave me great advice.

We exchanged gifts last year. He gave me a very small gas powered burner. Also we went to MEC where he showed me what pot to buy. Once home and playing with my new toys, I noticed the gas canister had a concave bottom. I put the cannister in the pot with the concave facing up/out. Then, I put in the burner and both fit nicely. This while Bob was saying it would not fit. When he saw it did fit, he admitted he had never thought about putting the gas in that way. This was about the only time I recall teaching Bob anything. Mostly it was the other way around. A lot.

Thanks again, Bob.

I am preparing for a bike trip "East". Not sure yet of exact route and timing. Might just leave it that way and see what happens.

70th Birthday Party: tomorrow. Until now, 70 was sort of expected, but kind of theoretical, if you know what I mean. Good thing 70 is the new 40, sort of, almost....

Hope you all have a nice day tomorrow. It's pretty much guaranteed that I will!


  1. Bobskoot was always full of good ideas and advice. We miss him.

    Have fun on your trip. Go where the wind and sunshine take you.

    And a very happy birthday to you.

  2. Have a great trip, and looking forward to your posts of "East".

  3. Ed, as with many others he met, Bob left footprints all over my life. It's a good thing.