Thursday, July 23, 2015

Catching UP

Dar did not have to kick me again to update my blog. Something must be wrong...

A Titanic Ride

Back in June, Dianne and I went to see the play, Titanic. We took the GO Transit bus. Round trip for seniors is $16.50 or so. The ride is great, and this time we sat up front. So, the 401 traffic 40 minutes out from downtown Toronto looks like this:

And then,

We went to a restaurant

Then, we went to the theatre

I took this before the play started, so it was legal. Any blur is because Dianne was kicking me for taking it.

A Walk Around the Pool

I have mentioned that the backyard took a lot of work. Well, it looked pretty good right after:

I did the deck sanding and staining, but the flowers are Dianne's work.

Our Gardena watering stick broke

But Gardena replaced it at no charge. They are located near the airport so I did have to battle traffic, but it cost $53 and looked like the glue failed. Remember, those of you who like adhesive for fastening, the old saying is "all glue joints fail". Have you bought a new car recently? Well, ... .

Now, I wonder, carbon fibre for airplanes,..  Better think of other things.

Did not ride today ... Battery

Well, John B says he thought my bike started funny a year ago, but I don't recall him saying anything at the time. Bob Leong mentioned it too when I was there a few days later. Today, it started great, I moved it out of the garage, left the ignition on for a while, and got click click noises. The battery tender went into storage mode after only 1.5 hours, and it started right up. Still, it's time.

But, the dealer is moving to a new building, so it will be next Tues or so...

East Trip To Start Soon!

Perhaps Aug 5 will be a good day to depart. Gaspe, NB, maybe PEI. Depends on how I feel.

Currently loading the bike. I'm going to take camping gear, but will spend some nights in motels. Better beds and showers.

Trying to figure out how to pack the bike. I need to keep weight low or I have trouble getting it upright off the sidestand if on any slope to the left. Added another layer of insoles to the boots too. Short legs need all the eighths of an inch available.

I should be able to show some pics of how I ended up packing the bike next week.

No firm itinerary. No reservations. No real plan. Should be perfect. Weather? Well, who knows.


  1. Well now, i'm glad no nudge was required! Your backyard looks spectacular! I know all about having to use all the height I can get, in fact I am going to buy some Daytona boots, they have a thicker sole and an insole that adds height. Have fun on your trip, i look forward to seeing the pictures!

  2. With that kind of traffic, good call letting someone else drive.

    Beautiful deck and containers of flowers. All that hard work paid off.

  3. ED, awesome news ... you haven't left yet, I haven't missed you!
    I hear what you mean about being able to stand the bike up when it's fully loaded. I am 'uber cautious' heading into a parking lot or campground to scope the slope. With a bike that weighs in at 515 lbs and I add 100+/- lbs of gear, it takes a bit of muscle to lift if I've parked it wrong (only happened once this time, but I finally managed to grunt it upright!) Can't wait to see how you pack.
    I had my battery replaced this year (on spec.) I just don't need that kind of trouble and it's such a pain to get under the seat on my bike to even find the battery. Check out Scooter in the Sticks, he had an awesome power pack that he wrote about, if you are so inclined. (I thought it would be great to charge laptops but it boosts batteries as well.)
    Sounds like an awesome adventure.
    Beautiful deck and pool ...
    Hope to connect with you still.