Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 29 - Dryden to Nipigon

Ok, only 451.7 km...but there are reasons. First, in ON, the speed limit drops to 90 kmph, maybe because of the curves, but who knows.

Wore the heated vest this day, and was glad of it for most of the way, at least to Thunder Bay. After lunch, the sky was blue, sun was warm, but it changed. And, there was something new to me...

Vicious cross-winds. Left mostly but violent shirfts right and then back to left. The bike responded really well and did not change direction, but leaned left and right violently. Had to hang on. Scary. Tiring. The sky darkened and I decided to find a motel around Nipigon. Found one with a Tim Horton's and a restaurant next to it. Worst room I have ever had. Glad to have it.

Nice dinner at the resturant. Had  Caesar with Chicken Breast. Then, back to the room.

By that time of course, the storm had passed. So, maybe I wimped out. I think I did the right thing, and it may not affect my time of arrival back home, just adjust where I stay.

The bike really behaved well. You likely never encountered such vilolent left to rght wind reversals. A lesser bike would have been a crash situation.

Here is a video. The wide angle actually minimized the leaning of the bike. You may see some if you look carefully.

Also, look for the guy who was passing and pulled in just in time in front of me....

Tomorrow's goal: east of Sault St. Marie, or close.


  1. I think BMW has done a phenomenal job with the faring design on the RTs. Even my 31 year old RT handles cross winds well and far better than others I've ridden with that seem to get pushed all over the road. And you aren't in a competition to finish so why rush…

    1. Yes, normally it's great. Today, the rapid left / right leaning just bothered me. The winds were very high and gusty.

  2. Ed you still look like you were being buffeted pretty hard, as for the guy passing - OH MY GOD!!! My heart was in my throat, people are just plain stupid. Safe travels!

    Ps I don't think you were wimpy to gave taken a room, you were smart why fight wind and rain and be exhausted doing that. A smart rider is one who knows when to park the bike for the day, so good on you!

    1. It looks worse in the video than I felt at the time. I actually had lots of room, and the car was squeezing in pretty hard - might have upset the folks behind him.

  3. Ed:

    the worst wind I encountered was down in the Columbia Gorge. It constantly blows, usually from the sides. I was 100 miles east and everytime you went into an underpass the wind stopped so you had to adjust when you came out. I think Biggs is the Wind sail capital of the world.

    As mentioned, a smart rider knows when to stop. You were so lucky that the car pulled in . . . You need those pulsating headlights, that was close

    bob: riding the wet coast

    1. I had pulsing headlights on the Triumph, but adding them to the RT is a chore, due to the CANBUS electrical monitoring system.