Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 28 - Brandon, MB to Dryden, ON

A gorgeous weather day, easy ride, uneventful, 574 km, 8:31 hours..

The prettiest section was Kenora to Dryden. I took 3 videos, which are being uploaded and will be added when done.

K to D 1

A rather straight ahead view of the road.

K to D 2

Turned the Go Pro a quarter turn to the left.

K to D 3

More of the scenery.

Lots of beauty in Northern Ontario.

Comfort Inn, Dryden

I stayed here two years ago and found it expensive. I vowed to find a less expensive place. So, why am I back when it is even more expensive?

Because I remembered it has a carport-like shelter at the front door. Why is this important? Because in Brandon this morning they were forecasting hail near here. Environment Canada says it is tracking a storm with Quarter to Loonie sized hail. I will have a look later and may throw a bed quilt over it if the shelter is not enough.

I figure the higher price is some cheap insurance. Hope it works!

New info: storm is 25 km south of the Trans-Canada, at the MB border, eastbound at 70 kmph. Should be ok here in Dryden...

TV just quit ... likely the storm. Desk clerk can't say whether the TV is satellite based, but the sky is dark, some rain, some lightning.

I'll update the blog if anything worse happens.


  1. Ed:

    didn't notice anything on the news about your bad weather. Better to be safe and wake up with no damage.

    weather doesn't look bad in your videos. So far you seemed to be having good weather and you're nearly home

    Bob: Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Beautiful roads and scenery. Thanks for posting the videos. Hail doesn't sound good, well it may sound interesting when it's coming down but you definitely don't want your vehicle out in it.