Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 27 - Sunday, July 20

A nice ride to Brandon, MB. Now on Central Time, only 1 hour difference to Eastern. And, the map is showing good progress, when I can update it. Seems not every wifi connection supports location services, so the dropping of a pin can be a problem.

Dianne remarked my videos show a lot of road and not much of the scenery. So, I tried to do better today. I turned the camera to the left side to see if I could do a better job. I am not sure I succeeded. Still, I tried. Also, I was able to catch up to a train and pass it. Long train, as you will see.

So, here it is:

Tomorrow, I am going to try to get to Dryden. Last time, I left Yorkton, took a long delay in the city of Winnipeg, and still made Dryden. I'm closer to Winnipeg and will take the bypass, so it is doable. Kenora is a likely fall-back. Or, I may run across a nice motel on the highway. We will seel.


  1. Ed:

    it cooled down a lot here. Barely reached 18°c today and it's going down to 13°c at night. The heat wave is over. Rain for the next week. It felt good to have the cooler temperatures

    Tomorrow you'll be back in your own Province . . . nearly home

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. The kids went to the hospital last night at 22h30. Olivia should be here sometime July 22nd.

    1. Yes! and I understand all is going well.