Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 26 Saturday July19 - @ Moose Jaw

Could easily have reached Regina, but it is Saturday in July and the hotels there are pretty much sold out. Could pay Toronto prices but I decided to stop here and relax. If it takes an additional day, the motel charges will be paid for by staying at this cheaper motel. Basic but clean and a Samsung TV.

At one point today, I looked left and saw a long train moving East. I thought I caught it on video, but must not have been successful. Don't like to fiddle too much with it - riding is more important.

The train was significant because it was moving. I have passed at least three other very long trains today and they were all stopped. I figured there must be a problem on the line somewhere.

That's it for today...


  1. Ed:

    take it easy and relax. There's no rush. better to be safe and slow, than fast and reckless. I also like to stay in smaller centers

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Next stop is Brandon. Winnipeg is too far. Have a reservation, so I will leave early and relax there. Then, Kenora, or maybe Dryden if not too tired.

  2. The really long trains were probably pulled into a siding to allow a passenger train to go by. I used to see that often when doing field work in the midwest.

    1. Quite likely. There has been flooding so that might also be a cause. The trains seemed very long. Also, many cars were carrying oil products, which has come to common notice the past year...