Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 24 - July 17: Achieved Cranbrook, BC

Had a 3/4 day ride today; the heat yesterday knocked me out and when I felt tired, I stopped. In truth, I had planned on Cranbrook, with Fernie in mind as a possible, but it was better to stop early. Peter may be Nearly Blind, but he is not unwise in telling me to start later and end earlier. Hey 69 is not 35, nor even 50. Us seniors need to pay attention to our physical state and quit when we need to.

Note: I'm now in Mountain Time Zone! Lost another hour of my life...

Going to eat. Noticed an East Side Marios next door! Penne and Sausage! They used to have a choice of sauce!

Staying at the Kootenay Country Inn. Older, inexpensive, quite clean and even have rags in a baggie to clean the windscreen without even having to ask! You should stay here if you are in town.

Videos now available

These videos may be boring to some of you; well, travelling at less than light speed tends to be that way. I have not edited these, offer them as "this is what  see" on the way home.

And, since you are coming back to see the videos, please check older posts if you left a comment and did not see a reply. I did a reply for the comments on the last few days... Thanks for your comments, I do read them and appreciate your interaction with me to a great extent.

Got to go eat...

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