Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 23 - July 16: Homeward Bound

Bob saw me off this morning. He led me on a new, fast way to get on Hwy 1, Trans-Canada, without battling hours of traffic. John had told me new roads existed, and Bob knew them. It was painless, relatively. Would have had more traffic in Toronto, for example.

I had been warned it would be hot today, and it sure was. Still, I made it to my intended destination, Greenwood, BC by about 4pm. Got into the motel, washed the bike with rags kindly supplied, had diner in town - motel staff drove me in and picked me up - might have only been a 5 min drive, but still it was an incredible bonus. Motel is the "Evening Star Motel" and the place is great. Inexpensive, clean, and service beyond reproach. They want me to return, obviously. That might not be possible, given this is the first time I have been to Greenwood, BC in my 69 years. But, if you are going by here, and need a bed, this is a great place.

In town, there is a restaurant called the Pacific Grill. I told the waitress the web says this is the best restaurant in town, She said it was the only restaurant in town ...  Still and all, if there were more I suspect it would still be the best in town. Really enjoyable Halibut and chips, and there were many other options on the menu for those that would like a more fancy meal.

Videos - a love / hate saga.

Coming into Bob's I took this:

\And, today I took these 2 videos:

Bob will be saying " Where are the videos of the good stuff? " and he is right - I missed taking video of rather twisty areas. That is because I was making sure I did not go over the cliff. Quite a challenging road. Love it.

I learned a a lot and will do better tomorow. Maybe.

Got to go now.


  1. Ed:

    I recognize those two videos, One was past Osoyoos on the way to Rock Creek. The other was coming into Keromeos. Nice rolling hills on that first section along the river.

    Osoyoos broke a heat record that was previously set in 2004. Today was 39.7°c Hope you used that neck cooler. What a great motel. That best restaurant sounds good too. Did you find the Japanese Interment Camp ?

    Hopefully it will start cooling down tomorrow

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Today was indeed cooler. Still, just after noon, I started feeling very tired, knees were complaining, eyes wanted to shut...

      I think I got sunstroke yesterday, or just dehydrated. One of the signs of heat prostration is less need to pee, but that did not happen to any noticable extent. I did stop at the Manning Resort or whatever it is called, but the restaurant did not have wifi, only the lodge! So, I did stop a lot, which was probably wise.

      I did not find any reference to the Internment Camp, with an "n" Bob, interment has to do with coffins in the ground...

      I don't like to stop unless there is adequate notice, no tailgaters, paved area and not gravel, must look level or sloped a bit to the right... I'm pretty content to just forge ahead. yes, I might miss a lot, but avoid spills. As you know, I have short legs...