Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 22 - July 15: More Around Vancouver

Bob outdid himself today taking me places I would never have seen without a guide with local knowledge. This evening we all went to the Keg on Granville Island for a farewell dinner. I think Bob and Yvonne enjoyed the meal - I know I did. I look forward to repaying their hospitality should they ever visit the Toronto area.

Some photos: I am a bit pressed for time as I am packing for leaving for points East in the morning.

I am adding a lot of photos, few captions, because many of the locations will be identified by photos of plaques stating the location. I may add captions later, and you may certainly request info about a specific shot...

Here they are:

I know that is a lot of photos; hope you enjoyed at least some of them. It was an eye-opener of a day for me.

Bob, I have to thank you once again. Millions of people must visit Vancouver every year, at least every decade, and I am sure none of them have a photo collection that matches my two day shoot. I would not have any of these without you.

For everybody else: Vancouver is a must-see place. See it soon.

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