Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 21 - July 14 - A Day Around Vancouver

I'm very fortunate to have the friends I do. Faithful followers of this blog already know John and Carole have treated me well in Duncan. Bob and Yvonne have followed suit here in Vancouver.

Bob knows this city very well. In one day, he showed me a lot. We stopped for some photos and I offer this set for your enjoyment:

 Breakfast at Steveston
 Served at a nice restaurant by a nice waitress.
 A working harbour. You can buy from the boats on Sundays.

 Too warm for the Corvette, so we switched to the Honda.
 These are a form of Maple that I found unusual and rather striking.

 A ride around UBC, as I remember, and ice cream at the beach.

 Down to Granby Island, I may have that wrong.

 At the market.

And, near the MEC store, I saw this old but appealing VW.

Hope you liked them! Tomorrow, I'm promised a suspension bridge...


  1. Bob is really taking you on the tour. I bet you slept well after all the excitement.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying, Bob is the best tour guide for Vancouver that you could ask for.

  2. Ed, probably you meant Granville Island. Steveston was home to a large fishing fleet owned by Japanese-Canadians. At the beginning of WW2 the Liberal government confiscated the fleet(s) along with other property and sold the property to wealthy Liberal friends for cents on the dollar. The USA put such properties in to trust.


    1. Yes, Granville Island. We went back for a farewell dinner to the Keg there. I am a fan of the Keg. The plate they brought had bell peppers on it and Bob's wife is allergic to them. No hassle they took it away. We all figured on a long wait and started on our meals. Before the second bite, Voila, a new plate for her.

      I thanked them profusely; good people. My Keg is 4000 km away but the service is exactly the same - consistently excellent.

  3. Terrific pictorial recap .... I'm sure Bob has been a stellar tour guide.

    1. Yes he certainly has. The only thing he did not do was press the shutter button for me - and he might have done that if i asked him to!

      I'm in his debt forever...