Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 19 - Last Day on the Island

In Crofton, next to the Saltspring Island ferry loading area, is a small cafe where John likes to have lunch.

While the outside sign says Lito's, the inside reveals the owner is Amy Jo. John says she has been operating this for a couple of years. Does her own sandwiches and muffins and ...

The above show the front part of the store, below you can see additional seating and craft items for sale.

Amy Jo is assisted by her daughter Ashley:

And, John has his lunch here often. He looks quite content.

Tomorrow, I will be in Vancouver.


  1. Fun. I have been following along and lurking. Sad that you are leaving the Island, but I am sure you'll enjoy Vancouver too.

  2. Amy Jo's looks like the kind of place everyone would want to eat lunch at often. Glad you've had a good time on the island .... and is it your birthday too? Enjoy.