Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 12 - Rain Day, Visiting w/ Interesting People

Not riding today, so John suggested a ride in his pickup.

We started with coffee at Java World, then went up the coast via Chemainus to Ladysmith. Visited the folks at Mile Zero motorcycles where John bought his new 2014 V-Strom. Then on to see a talented BMW mechanic, Bloys. Very nice fellow with a super shop. Finally, on the return we met Fred at his shop. Fred fixed the carburettor seats for my year 2000 Triumph 900 Legend back in 2004 or so. They leaked gas if I forgot to shut off the petcock, until he reformed the seat with a proper size ball bearing and a hammer. Old English mechanic trick, he said. Worked great.

Tomorrow, I'm going to visit Mae Bell up in Parksville. Her husband Sid died not long ago. Sid and I worked together for many years and travelled the world together. I saw them both two years ago when I was here on my first trip. So, I am looking forward to visiting her tomorrow.

On Monday, John wants to go out on his boat, now that the mechanic has done some serious engine work. Always nice to fool around in boats of course. I'm sure there are some photos from two years ago; will take some on Monday of course.

So, that's it for today!

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