Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 11 - Historical Train Trestle

Crossing a continent with train service - damn near a challenge to the gods, is it not? What shall we use when we need a bridge?

How about wood? Is there enough of it nearby? Looks like it! Now we need a design.

Will it work? Time will tell.

And time did tell that the design was sound. And pretty. Even when abandoned, after long service, it was reconstructed - don't know why they did that just for me, but sure am glad.

John believes this trestle has more of a curve than the other wooden trestles in BC. The original deck was slanted just as roads are slanted on curves.

If you stand at the centre, point a wide angle lens down to the base of the tree, the top of the tree is just able to be included. That is a set of tall trees.

The flower is called Fire Weed. Apparently, a forest fire is required to burst seed pods, releasing seeds that are then widely spread. These were growing on the side of the pathway in.

At the entrance, there are a few informative signs and a parking lot.

We returned to the pickup, drove via backroads to Crofton for lunch at a small diner. Then home. I was feeling tired, had a nap, missed a rainstorm in the process. So, the rest of the day will be pretty quiet, maybe even dull. Should work fine!


  1. Very nice looking trestle. Luckily it has been restored. A lot of them were just demolished once they were no longer needed.

    1. I think they are very impressive, a real part of our Canadian heritage. They deserve restoring and preserving. This one is really a treat. It's one thing to see them in print or on TV, quite another it see it in place.