Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 10 - Ride a Logging Road

Don't worry, I am not riding my RT off-road and over logs. No, the road was paved and twisty and up and down the side of hills. Yes, I have a video.

We left Duncan and rode west to Port Renfrew, BC and then retraced our route. John L lead, I was in the middle and John B was the sweeper. In case I had trouble, John L knows this road.

In the video that follows you will see a typical example of the road, single lane bridges (13 of them I think), traffic passing the other way, a view of a logged out hillside, and near the very end, some 20 kmph curves ascending a hillside. Not quite switchbacks, but near as damn-it. Watch for the oncoming car, a large lean angle, and just after the single cyclist, note the bump where my front wheel hit a tri-angular rock. You can hear it and see a slight waver, then the other two continuing obstructions, that is bicyclists... Here is the video:

Ok, continuing on, we have this sort of road, on the way to a small town, Lake Cowichan. If you want to see what the downtown area of this town looks like, just click on the video.

Photos at Port Renfrew

Here are a few of the shots I took on the way and at Port Renfrew:

 John L (left) and John B with his new V-Strom, yes, the new model.

 Here is one of the largest remaining ancient trees on Vancouver Island. I would have missed it if not for my two riding friends.

Here you can get a better judgement of the diameter of this giant tree.

 A neighboring tree has a native carving on it.

 You may have seen pictures of this beach at a campground near Port Renfrew. It has been featured in many documentaries. In reality, it is far more beautiful than these pictures. Windy, too.

 The bikes are parked at the Port Renfrew Hotel. We walked down the jetty t see some sights.

All in all, a great ride and great scenery.

That's it for today. Not likely to be doing a lot of riding tomorrow. Buying oil, not sure if we are doing the actual changing of oil tomorrow, but soon.


  1. I've ridden the Loop a few times, crazy switchbacks! Hope you enjoyed it! The scenery is spectacular, the ride awesome.

    1. Hello, Dar. Yes, I am on the island and being treated to great scenery and hospitality by John and Carole. Are you going to be riding up Duncan way at all? If so, send me an email with details and I will make every effort to meet up. I know you are tending your little dog, so that might keep you busy.

  2. Ed:

    I rode the loop the first summer it was paved back in 2009 when my Vstrom was new. You would have gone through Mesachie Lake where I worked for a few summers, which is just west of Lake Cowichan where that camp is now was formerly the site of Hillcrest Lumber. I spent many summers there and from Duncan up to Yellow Point.

    A few years ago I was going a bit too fast coming out of Lake Cowichan (aka "the Lake" and didn't notice the patrol car hiding behind some bushes. I nearly got away but I slowed down and after a long lecture, I was "let off"

    There is a short road to Maple Bay, perhaps a good spot to have lunch

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Lumberjack Bob, that's a vision... Seems like almost everyone here is an outdoors man. Understandable since the BC outdoors is so much more outdoors style than the concrete around my neck of the woods in Ontario.

      I mentioned to John when we were outside having lunch that it was early July and cool, when I expect that in Toronto, the roads are near melting, typically.

      Hope you are having as much fun as me!

  3. Hi Ed, how long are you here for? It's been crazy busy here, my kiddo turned 17 and it's a birthday weekend. Ah for the want of a few days off ! I am working all week.