Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 09 - Forest Discovery Centre @ Duncan

My friend John took me to the Forest Discovery Center to see some very interesting displays and a collection of old machinery.

You have a short figure 8 train track and a number of different types of engines.

And of course the train has a horn.

At one station John had a nice chat with the engineer.

John is very knowledgeable about all of this equipment. Here is an example of his explanations about the equipment.

And, here's an example of another: logging arch and a log it might have towed.

Next, we went to a little town.

It features a log boom and a small tugboat.

All in all it was a very interesting day.


  1. Ed you on the island? My gmail box is full and I haven't been checking as much with the dog being hurt.

  2. Some cool machines there. Glad you made it safely to the Island.

    1. Thanks. Enjoy the photos and videos. It is quite beautiful here.

  3. Ed:

    nice to relax and see the sights. Was John in the forestry industry ? I had a summer job at Hillcrest Logging in Mesachie Lake so I used to prowl around Crofton and Chemainus on the weekends. This was back around 1962-1965. Hard work being on the Green Chain. Hillcrest had their own small locomotive

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. John grew up in the Ottawa valley, near Pembroke, and his father had a heavy equipment business. So, he knows his way around machinery. He is also a Mechanical Engineer.