Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 08 - Anacortes, WA to Duncan, BC

Happy Canada Day! This was written on July 1 and posted on July 2.

Woke up early, did not need the alarm (cell phone does a nice job on alarms). Did all the packing, and started this entry. All by 5:45, waiting for breakfast to be ready. All I will have to do is suit up and ride to the first of two ferries. Then, a short ride to Duncan.

It's been a good ride. The BMW1200RT has run flawlessly. I have used the cruise control (works just like a car's CC) on the interstate, but need manual control on the curvy parts. Same as a car, for me. I packed a lot lighter and need to refine this more. Go Pro camera works reasonably well, using the wi-fi connected remote dongle to do the start/stop. I have the ability to recharge the tiny battery (have total of 4) in motels or in the top box while riding. The camera wi-fi and LCD display can drain batteries quickly. Never know what is coming up, so I have missed a lot, maybe. Still, I have deleted some of what I took, since it was not as spectacular as I thought it would be. I will continue to experiment, but riding comes first.

Took two ferries, smaller, very glassy water. Rode short distance the Duncan. Visited for rest of day and went to bed early.

Anacortes is a small town with ferry service to Sydney, BC. This is the approach to the ferry.

After waiting in a short line, short because I had been advised to be early, you pay a modest price. $42 for a 2 hour ride for me and the bike.

After paying for the voyage, motorcycles are directed to the front of the line.

After two hours and a bit, we arrive at Sidney, BC.

And ride off to the customs officer.

And then to the front of the line at the final ferry.

And then on to Duncan.


  1. I love the PNW! Its a beautiful area to ride in. Thanks for the video.

    1. Hope you noticed the updates with new videos.

  2. Ed:

    time to relax and enjoy some downtime after such a long ride. For a few days you don't have to talk to yourself

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Yes Bob, I will be here for at least a week. John is going to organize a ride to Renfrew tomorrow and other places too in the coming days.