Saturday, June 28, 2014

Video Catching Up Post

Chamberlin & Missouri River

Two years ago, I passed under a bridge and saw one of the prettiest sights ever. The day had much better weather than this time, so the view is not quite so beautiful, but I like it. Not so much the off-ramp into town.

Rest Area Example

I like to make brief stops at rest areas. Washroom, have something to drink, flex the knees, and then off again. It's amazing how a short break can refresh you for another hour of riding.

Wall Drugs

You see the billboards for what seems like forever approaching the town of Wall. So, I had to make a quick pass through. Sort of like Honest Ed's on a huge scale.

Speaking of Billboards

Two years ago I caught the phrase "24 hour toeing service" but forgot it. Saw it again. There must not be a Speel Checker for billboard printers... No video.

Bug Suicide by Bike

This time of year, the bugs are out. I can't do much about it. Yes, a pro videographer would go back and shoot it again... How they find the centre of a 1/2 inch circle is a mystery.


  1. Ed, watch out for deer and other animals in the evening/early morning.

  2. Have seen lots of road kill since about SD. Today, nearing Lolo Pass, at 7am, saw two deer cross the road about 500 ft in front. 30 min later, saw a deer about to cross in front, but it bolted back and up the hill like a mountain goat. Just don't know which way they will jump ...

    You just don't know ...