Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 07 - Joseph, OR to Anacortes, Wa

GPS claims it is 496.5. I claim 500 miles! Like the song...

The early part of the ride along Hwy 82 up to I-84 was quite slow, but very nice. Not as switchbacky (technical term my Swiss friends taught me - but I got the impression it might mean something rude in Swiss German...) as hwy 129 yesterday, but curvy enough. I followed a fellow in a pickup and he sort of looked out for me regarding speeds. SLOW in towns in OR, and very careful in some twisty bits. I could have passed him many times, and he knew it, but I just followed his lead and relaxed and enjoyed a good pace that was not aggressive.

Early on, he braked on the outskirts of a town. I could not see at first what it was. In fact, it turned out to be a family of deer, four of them, small and very pretty. Seemed acclimatized to vehicles, but hey, better not count on that! No incident. Peter will say "Didn't I tell you that just last night? Huh, huh? " Yes, Peter you did. That plus the two deer and the mountain-goat imitator deer at the start of the Lolo run yesterday makes this my high count in critter sightings. And John will be giving me warnings about deer on the island. Last trip, I woke up, looked out into his back yard and saw a doe looking back at me...

Traffic was tied up recently in Toronto by a deer. Who would have predicted that?

I have a few videos to edit and will post them. Had some puzzling problems yesterday so will work on them too and post soon.

Two ferry rides and a short hop to \John's place in Duncan, BC tomorrow.

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  1. Great plan to let the truck run interference! Worked great.