Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 05 - Missoula to Missoula!

From the title, you might guess I am resting up in Missoula today. Weather is not my friend today. I don't mind the cool temperatures so much, thanks to the heated accessories, but doing the Lolo Pass in the rain does not appeal. Tomorrow might be just as bad, but a day of rest will help anyway.

And, I might be able to post some long promised video. Having my problems uploading to YouTube. Could be the hotel internet service, could be me...

More later...


  1. Keep up the good work. Don't get overtired

    1. Thanks Don. I think staying here an extra day in Misssoula was the right thing. I spoke this am to the visitor station at Lolo pass and asked about the weather. He said right then it was a torrential downpour!

      The weather forecast for tomorrow is much improved.