Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 04 - Gillette, WY to Missoula, MT- Rev 1

11.5 hours and 583 miles. A long day. The bike ran flawlessly. The last 2 hours was not pleasant. Cold, but on leaving Butte, I put on a long sleeved tee-shirt over the short-sleeved one, added the heated vest, turned on the heated seat and handgrips, ... . At one point, the rain came. After a while, it poured, cars pulled over to the side. I lowered the electrically operated windscreen allowing the wind to wipe away the raindrops from my helmet's visor. And, motored on...

These features seem excessive to some purists, but for a serious long-distance ride, they really work well.

I have some video of gorgeous mountain twisties. Must edit and so forth. The uploading to YouTube is always slow from a hotel. My first attempt was to take 549 minutes! Need to figure out how to low-fi the video so it uploads in reasonable time.

There is a stretch of I-90 between Butte and Missoula that is beautiful:

And soon to bed, because the Lolo Pass is tomorrow am.


  1. Great video, just like being there. Need to take care of the bug on the lens though.

    1. Glad you liked it. I have posted more. And, I included more bugs on the lens, just for you.

      Can't seem to remember to clean it off at rest stops, but I will try next time.