Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 03 - Gillette, WY

Continuing to make good progress, see the map.

I was tired last night, but did have a good run today. Made lots of stops, drank lots of liquids to stay hydrated. My Aerostitch suit is quite warm, but tolerable as long as I am moving.

At one of the last Rest Stops, I was holding the door open for a lady who said "We have been  following you all day, seeing you at the rest stops!". Travellers do look after each other...sometimes. She was very impressed when I told her I started in Toronto on Tuesday AM.

I took some video today and will try to edit it now. If any good, I will edit this post and you will see the results of my efforts. If no good, no edits...

... possible videos here

Wyoming has more of the feel of an emerging state than SD or MT, IMHO. Was this way 2 years ago, and has not changed. Waitress tonight was great with the oil riggers who dominate now, not so much with me. Left normal tip anyway. The food was good. Two years ago, I ate in the bar area, which was non-smoking then, not now. Could not sit there now. But, they have to cater to the oil riggers, who form an important part of the local economy these days.

OK, time to try to edit those videos. Hopefully, back soon.


  1. Ed:

    I had WiFi issues all across the country. I could get a good signal, but it wouldn't connect. Someone has to reset their router.

    I know you're not going that way but I rode from Cody to Sheridan through the Bighorn NF and Chief Joseph Scenic Byway.

    drinks lots and stop often

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Jeepers Ed, you're going to do this in about 4 days. What is the rush?

    1. Not really rushing, just making sure I was able to do the Lolo pass starting in the morning. As a newer post will show, I'm taking a day in Missoula as the weather is bad. A rest day is good too.