Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 07 - Joseph, OR to Anacortes, Wa

GPS claims it is 496.5. I claim 500 miles! Like the song...

The early part of the ride along Hwy 82 up to I-84 was quite slow, but very nice. Not as switchbacky (technical term my Swiss friends taught me - but I got the impression it might mean something rude in Swiss German...) as hwy 129 yesterday, but curvy enough. I followed a fellow in a pickup and he sort of looked out for me regarding speeds. SLOW in towns in OR, and very careful in some twisty bits. I could have passed him many times, and he knew it, but I just followed his lead and relaxed and enjoyed a good pace that was not aggressive.

Early on, he braked on the outskirts of a town. I could not see at first what it was. In fact, it turned out to be a family of deer, four of them, small and very pretty. Seemed acclimatized to vehicles, but hey, better not count on that! No incident. Peter will say "Didn't I tell you that just last night? Huh, huh? " Yes, Peter you did. That plus the two deer and the mountain-goat imitator deer at the start of the Lolo run yesterday makes this my high count in critter sightings. And John will be giving me warnings about deer on the island. Last trip, I woke up, looked out into his back yard and saw a doe looking back at me...

Traffic was tied up recently in Toronto by a deer. Who would have predicted that?

I have a few videos to edit and will post them. Had some puzzling problems yesterday so will work on them too and post soon.

Two ferry rides and a short hop to \John's place in Duncan, BC tomorrow.

Day 06 - Missoula to Joseph, OR - Ver 0

I'm here safely after the curviest ride of my life. Great roads and I will be posting videos. Struggling with editing at the moment, and it's getting late. Will post related stuff when I get some downtime.

I even got the chance to wash the bike today!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Video Catching Up Post

Chamberlin & Missouri River

Two years ago, I passed under a bridge and saw one of the prettiest sights ever. The day had much better weather than this time, so the view is not quite so beautiful, but I like it. Not so much the off-ramp into town.

Rest Area Example

I like to make brief stops at rest areas. Washroom, have something to drink, flex the knees, and then off again. It's amazing how a short break can refresh you for another hour of riding.

Wall Drugs

You see the billboards for what seems like forever approaching the town of Wall. So, I had to make a quick pass through. Sort of like Honest Ed's on a huge scale.

Speaking of Billboards

Two years ago I caught the phrase "24 hour toeing service" but forgot it. Saw it again. There must not be a Speel Checker for billboard printers... No video.

Bug Suicide by Bike

This time of year, the bugs are out. I can't do much about it. Yes, a pro videographer would go back and shoot it again... How they find the centre of a 1/2 inch circle is a mystery.

Day 05 - Missoula to Missoula!

From the title, you might guess I am resting up in Missoula today. Weather is not my friend today. I don't mind the cool temperatures so much, thanks to the heated accessories, but doing the Lolo Pass in the rain does not appeal. Tomorrow might be just as bad, but a day of rest will help anyway.

And, I might be able to post some long promised video. Having my problems uploading to YouTube. Could be the hotel internet service, could be me...

More later...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 04 - Gillette, WY to Missoula, MT- Rev 1

11.5 hours and 583 miles. A long day. The bike ran flawlessly. The last 2 hours was not pleasant. Cold, but on leaving Butte, I put on a long sleeved tee-shirt over the short-sleeved one, added the heated vest, turned on the heated seat and handgrips, ... . At one point, the rain came. After a while, it poured, cars pulled over to the side. I lowered the electrically operated windscreen allowing the wind to wipe away the raindrops from my helmet's visor. And, motored on...

These features seem excessive to some purists, but for a serious long-distance ride, they really work well.

I have some video of gorgeous mountain twisties. Must edit and so forth. The uploading to YouTube is always slow from a hotel. My first attempt was to take 549 minutes! Need to figure out how to low-fi the video so it uploads in reasonable time.

There is a stretch of I-90 between Butte and Missoula that is beautiful:

And soon to bed, because the Lolo Pass is tomorrow am.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 03 - Gillette, WY

Continuing to make good progress, see the map.

I was tired last night, but did have a good run today. Made lots of stops, drank lots of liquids to stay hydrated. My Aerostitch suit is quite warm, but tolerable as long as I am moving.

At one of the last Rest Stops, I was holding the door open for a lady who said "We have been  following you all day, seeing you at the rest stops!". Travellers do look after each other...sometimes. She was very impressed when I told her I started in Toronto on Tuesday AM.

I took some video today and will try to edit it now. If any good, I will edit this post and you will see the results of my efforts. If no good, no edits...

... possible videos here

Wyoming has more of the feel of an emerging state than SD or MT, IMHO. Was this way 2 years ago, and has not changed. Waitress tonight was great with the oil riggers who dominate now, not so much with me. Left normal tip anyway. The food was good. Two years ago, I ate in the bar area, which was non-smoking then, not now. Could not sit there now. But, they have to cater to the oil riggers, who form an important part of the local economy these days.

OK, time to try to edit those videos. Hopefully, back soon.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 02 Just into South DakotaWI

A good run today. Do have some technical problems, not with the bike, thankfully.

I have a Cardo G9 headset in my helmet. Gets GPS audio, phone audio, iPod Nano audio. Boy, I really like it. But only when the battery has a charge.

I think it has been defective since new, but this is the first long ride and I fear I won't be able to get a replacement while on the road. Have sent an email to Cardo. Phoned, but because of time zone, they were closed. Will try tomorrow again.

Lots of roadwork, and in MN and WI and MI it is needed. Just as it is in ON and QC. Traffic is very light.

OK, bedtime.

About pictures - not comfortable stopping on the shoulders. Not wide, not smooth, deep ditch...

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 01

Ok, I'm in Madison WI.

Check my map for the day's progress. 15 hours, so no more narrative today!